Get to Know Plasvacc USA — Meet the Team!

Headquartered in Templeton, CA, Plasvacc USA Inc. was founded in 1987 and occupies over 60 acres of gently rolling countryside in the heart of California’s Central Coast. Home to our donor herd, we take immense pride in giving them such an amazing place to call home. 

Our herd has plenty of room to roam in the large, irrigated, pastures. Century-old oak trees dot the grounds and offer a cool respite from the warm Templeton sun, which shines on average for 292 days each year!

But even more than the picturesque setting, it’s the compassionate, dedicated team at Plasvacc USA whose pride and hardwork allow us to consistently set the world standard for registered equine plasma products through their tireless commitment to sound science, steadfast ethics and a constant refusal to cut corners—especially when caring for each and every one of our valued donor animals with the respect owed to those who heal and save. 

So without further adieu, we’d love to introduce a few of the people responsible for the ongoing success of Plasvacc USA. 


In the head office you’ll find Andrew Macarthur, CEO and President of Plasvacc USA. A longtime horseman, Andrew started Plasvacc in response to his first-hand experience with the unfortunate consequences of Failure of Passive Transfer. Seeing a need for a safe and effective way to help avert the risk of complications and ensure a foal’s best chance at a healthy life, Plasvacc was born.

Beyond his personal connection to the cause, Plasvacc USA Inc. benefits greatly from Andrew’s decades of extensive agribusiness management and consultancy experience.

Heather Alspach

Joining Andrew in the head office, no one quite embodies the spirit of Plasvacc USA like Heather. Having joined the Plasvacc team back in 1998, she has grown within the organization, advancing both our science and our company values every step of the way. Now, as Vice President, Heather manages recruitment, staff training and compliance while still finding time to direct her long-held love of horses toward our donor herd.

A self-proclaimed horse lover—and quite a keen rider herself—Heather is also a member of the AAEVT.

Amanda Burgess

Across the Plasvacc campus is the lab, where you’ll find Amanda—usually giving the pipettes and centrifuges a hard workout or keeping up on the latest scientific literature. With a passion for animals and biotechnology, we’re extremely lucky to count Amanda as our Laboratory Manager and alternate APHIS Liaison. Amanda is responsible for overseeing all on-site testing, diagnostics and analysis while also providing invaluable contributions to our research and development efforts here at Plasvacc USA.

An NVSL-trained EIA technician, Amanda graduated from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo’s esteemed College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences with a B.S. in Animal Science and Minor in Biotechnology.

Lindsey Feliz

Whether in the donation pavilion or out in the donor pastures, you’re sure to find Lindsey accompanied by a happy horse at her side. Our Senior Pheresing Technician, Lindsey first started at Plasvacc in 2005. Born and raised on the Central Coast, Lindsey’s lifelong love of horses—and their love of her—makes her a perfect fit for managing the day-to-day care of our donor herd.

Judy Sonne

Back in the front office, you’ll find our Accounting Manager, Judy Sonne. Judy’s qualifications include over 25 years of sales, accounting and customer service experience. Combined with decades of experience in the large-animal industry on her family cattle ranch, Judy is uniquely qualified to oversee the financial operations of Plasvacc USA while also managing our outside sales team.

Thanks for coming out and ‘visiting’ all of us here at Plasvacc USA, Inc., should you ever find yourself in Templeton, CA, be sure and wave hello!